GRUENDELPARTNER advises TGFS on EUR 2.3 million financing round for Senorics

The sensor technology startup Senorics based in Dresden generated EUR 2.3 million in its seed financing round. Among the investors are the Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS), the main investor Ventura Investment GmbH (Ventura) and TUDAG TU Dresden Aktiengesellschaft. The Saxon high-tech company specializes in novel near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy sensors.

GRUENDELPARTNER advises on Infrasolid’s seven-digit figure financing round

The Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) and VNG Innovation GmbH (VNG Innovation) are investing seven-figure sums in Infrasolid GmbH (Infrasolid). Infrasolid is a spin-off of the Institute for Solid State Electronics (IFE) at Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden). The Dresden-based start-up was founded in 2017 and develops, produces and commercializes high-temperature infrared radiation sources that are used in gas detection and gas analysis systems.

GRUENDELPARTNER advises on Agilion takeover by Siemens

On 29 March 2018, Siemens aquired Agilion GmbH seated in Chemnitz. Agilion is a leading provider of industrial radio positioning solutions (Real-Time Locating Systems, RTLS) in the main application areas of production, logistics and maintenance. The company is considered a pioneer for RTLS in the ultra-wide-band (UWB) frequency spectrum.

GRUENDELPARTNER advises siOPTICA on a 4 million euro financing

siOPTICA GmbH from Jena has secured growth financing with beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH (bm|t) and Capital-E II ARKIV (Capital-E), based in Antwerp, with a volume of more than €4m. With the fresh capital, siOPTICA will be able to extend their product range of switchable privacy filters, expand their protective rights portfolio, adapt existing solutions to new requirements of customers, and further develop innovative privacy technology generations.

GRUENDELPARTNER advises on a 2 million euro financing of NAVENTIK

Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) and GPS Ventures GmbH invest €2m in NAVENTIK GmbH from Chemnitz ( The company NAVENTIK was founded in January 2017 and has developed the “PATHFINDER” technology, a software-based technology for satellite-assisted localisation (GNSS) of vehicles in order to come one decisive step closer to the goal of driverless cars.

GRUENDELPARTNER advises TGFS on financing of Raylytic

TGFS (Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen, is investing a large six-figure seed financing amount in Raylytic GmbH (, which is specialised in the computer-aided, high-precision analysis of X-ray, CT, and MRI images.

GRUENDELPARTNER advises S-Beteiligungen during a successful new company settlement for Leipzig

RedAnts GmbH, Bremen, one of the leading industry service providers in Germany in the field of the quality management of production processes, will transfer their headquarters from the Hanseatic city to Leipzig in 2018. This move is contemplated by the contractual agreement on a minority shareholding of S-Beteiligungen, Leipzig, in the RedAnts company group, which is mainly active in the automotive industry.