GRUENDELPARTNER advises on Agilion takeover by Siemens

On 29 March 2018, Siemens aquired Agilion GmbH seated in Chemnitz. Agilion is a leading provider of industrial radio positioning solutions (Real-Time Locating Systems, RTLS) in the main application areas of production, logistics and maintenance. The company is considered a pioneer for RTLS in the ultra-wide-band (UWB) frequency spectrum. This technology enables high-precision locating in range of a few centimetres, a high number of objects to be located and a particularly simple setup. Companies can thereby optimise production and logistics through the precise real-time location of tools or vehicles thus increasing their quality, productivity and flexibility.

Agilion GmbH with about 60 employees is a worldwide technology leader in the field of enterprise radiolocation solutions for industry and public transport (ÖPNV) in the application areas of industrial supply chain tracking, vehicle tracking and people tracking. With about 150 installations in more than 20 countries Agilion has been supporting its customers for more than 10 years in process optimization and efficient business management based on RTLS real-time positioning solutions. Agilion GmbH will be integrated into the industrial communication and identification subdivision of the process industries and drives division of Siemens AG.

GRUENDELPARNTER and a team led by Dr. Mirko Gründel advised the previous owners of Agilion on the sale of the company. The M&A practice group of GRUENDELPARTNER is one of the biggest and most experienced advisory units in Central Germany and supports investors and founders from business formation to financing and exit.

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