Real Estate

Our lawyers, tax advisors and public auditors have many years of experience in working on real estate projects in Germany and abroad. We provide legal counsel to clients on development projects and real estate transactions all the way from acquisition to sale. In addition, we assist holders of real estate portfolios in Germany and other countries with all real estate-specific legal and tax concerns. These include the following in particular:

  • buying/selling real estate; drafting, negotiating and performing acquisition contracts (asset deals, share deals),
  • conducting due diligence, advising on public law matters (zoning law, the construction permitting process, environmental law),
  • financing and collateral,
  • structuring joint ventures,
  • structuring real estate companies,
  • contracts for architects and engineers; project management contracts,
  • project developer contracts, building and general contractor agreements,
  • broker agreements,
  • asset and facility management contracts,
  • commercial and residential property leases,
  • real estate tax law,
  • in- and out-of-court enforcement of/defence against real estate-specific claims.

Attorney, specialist in construction and architecture law, specialist in procurment law